Listen the teaser from "Sumerian Chants" or check our channel on Youtube for old stuff.

  • Where We Come From.

    The roots of Enoch go back in early 90s when Silvio (former member of italian cult act Ras Algethi, which released the demo-tape “Oblita Divinitas” and the CD “Oneiricon, The White Hypnotic” by Wounded Love Records.) founded "Blessed Be The Woods". Doom attitude, pagan heritages and female vocals were up to the band in veins of 3rd and the Mortal. Hard work ended with a promotional Cd that kicked some serious asses but was rejected by BBTW original label. Disregarded by fate Silvio, Lorenzo and Vanni gave life to Alkaid, an unholy bergen-inspired Black Metal act, and were joined by Crown on guitars. They reharsed a lot and released a demotape. After a very creative period, Silvio left Alkaid giving birth to Albireo along with Leo. Lorenzo and Vanni also quit Alakaid, creating Hadith: Into The Pandemonium-oriented Black Metal, which released a promo-tape and encountered lots of enthusiasm by US labels. The band jerked off too much and after a long and proliphic period, Lorenzo joined Silvio and Leo on their journey. Soon after Daniele was joined, giving birth to Enoch.

  • Writing the Book of Enoch.

    We started playing Doom/Death Metal, with influences from My Dying Bride and early Tiamat, along with first-wave black metal bands and Swedish death metal scene. After a year of reharsal sessions, we released our first demo-cdr (“Enuma Elish La Nabu Shamu”, engineered by Tom Pagotto, drummer of Italian cult brutal band Nefas) which sold-out 500 copies and got some good review, earning the presence on “Chariots Arrive Again VOL. 2”, a doom compilation by Foreshadow Productions, featuring among the others, Skepticism and Solicide.

  • Endless Journey.

    Another reharsing year passed, in which Enoch saw their style grow, keeping in mind the mood and the message of the band. In summer 2004 Enoch entered the studio again, to release a 4-track CD, enginereed by Andrea “Grunt” who used to work with italian milestones such as Cultus Sanguine and earl Lacuna Coil. The result wss a four track CD, mixing all of our roots: Death- doom of early 90s, mid-80s thrash riffing, english-like piano melodies, and first-wave Black Metal sounds. A long time has passed since Tetragrammaton. During this time we've spent our time composing, rehearsing and discarding a lot of material; I guess that we simply had too many ideas and too many time. After the blast of "Enuma Elish" we found ourself with lots of good reviews and positive feedbacks and so we were expecting the same from "Tetragrammaton". I still don't know if people out there didn't liked it or simply never listened to it or, maybe, we came out with our first release and we were labelled as a funeral doom act; that was quite a new thing in that period (2002), while 2 years after there were many other bands playing the same genre.

  • Storms Over Babylon.

    A lot of personal troubles hit us; Enoch is made by the four of us and we solved to wait for each other, instead of walking our way, separated. Despite everything, with Tetragrammaton we’ve been so fucking near to a deal, even entering studio and recording some stuff, under request of a label. Unfortunately -at the very last moment- the label chose another band. Shit happens, they say, but we had to work hard, in order to stand up again.

  • The Second Coming.

    Our music changed during these years, we tried a lot of different approaches, just to find ourself back to the point where we began so many years ago; afetr hard work, we ended with 8 new tracks and we decided it was due date to recorded them. I guess that the good response we got from the repints of Enuma and Tetragramaton pushed us. A lot of labels showed up some kind of interest, but we were not right into the mood they wanted us to play; we do feel a strong link with the underground scene and we were looking for a label with a roster big enough to ensure a certain competence and with a good distribution, in order to have our new CD spread. That's how we met Satanath Records; we felt immediately in sync and soon after "Sumerian Chants" was ready to be printed, along with the stunning artowrk of Mauro Berchi of Canaan. I cannot tell what is the exact genre we’re playing. When we released “Enuma”, we thought that we were playing death/doom as people knew it and called it in the late 90s. Then some zines started reviewing it, writing hat we played funeral doom. By that time, I didn’t know what funeral doom was. Anyway, I think that they were right. Now I listen to a lot of funeral, and -for sure- it had some influence on the music I write, but my main inspirations are the same band of more than 10 years ago: Celtic Frost, Bathory, Kreator and Darkthrone. For sure we play heavy metal and for sure it is extreme.

    Lorenzo, the voice and the louder guitar of Enoch. Somewhere between 2013 and 2014